Ogden First’s PANES program (O1|PANES) converts vacant storefronts into temporary galleries, transforming and revitalizing pedestrian thoroughfares into vibrant cultural hubs.

* PANES is a unique collaboration between local artists, social-service organizations and schools.

* Unique in presenting site-specific exhibitions; We commission and curate art that has a connection to the space and neighborhood as a way to connect organically with the local audiences.

* Participating artists receive professional development and business training.

* Brightens the City by reducing or eliminating blighted storefronts. Outreach is to the wider community, through our artists and partner agencies.

Are you an artist Interested in applying? How about a property owner with a storefront to spruce up?
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Active Now

////// 2444 Washington Blvd. //////

Alison NevilleKitsch Cordyceps and Portal

Neville’s work varies widely including drawings on paper, dioramas, mixed media & polymer clay sculpture. She strives to understand more about the peculiarities of our world and sharing that with others. 

Katie Strader - Innerscapes

Strader’s process is exploration driven, utilizing atypical mediums, to achieve unusual texture & pattern. She delves into her most obsessive tendancies which are then translated into the worlds she creates. The surreal islands of her innerscapes build like erratic thoughts, each trying to come to the surface of her conciousness at once.

////// 139 25th Street //////

Undria Seaton - Fragmented

Seaton explores experimental mediums and techniques as she delves into works with themes of surreal, dreamy subject-matter & states within the mind.








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