Unmaking Monuments

This installation is a project of O1|XIBIT, the next dramatic initiative of O1ARTS.

Scheduled to open in Spring 2020, XIBIT will be a unique, flexible space for visual, performing, and digital art, immersive installations, and thought-provoking exhibitions and discussions.

As a preview, Wade Kavanaugh, in creative partnership with Stephen Nguyen, both of Maine, joined us as O1ARTS’ first Visiting Artist-In-Residence and created a large-scale art installation, which takes its cue from the unique geology of southern Utah’s iconic landforms, in the lobby of The Monarch.

The artists share, “our goal is to activate the space by employing imagery familiar to residents of Utah. The act of making the work for O1ARTS will be largely improvisational, the result of process, and informed by visits to Utah’s iconic geology and land art installations.”

Additionally, in keeping with O1ARTS’ dedication to programming #ArtsWithPurpose, the project is intended to call attention to the “tradition  of land art in the American West  and the natural processes that have  shaped Utah’s cultural monuments.”

Conceptually, their work plays with a sense of time, merging our sense of human time with deeper time scales, like the amount of time it might take for a glacier to advance or sedimentary layers of earth to amass.

In keeping with this sense of time and movement, and O1’s commitment to support art in all its forms and local artists, this project grew to include newly-commissioned poetry, dance, and music by local artists in response to the process, the concept, and the inspiration for this installation.

O1ARTS gratefully acknowledges all the community members to came out to help make this installation and the process videos happen, and Circa3 for all their help in recording and processing those videos:


About The Artists:

Wade Kavanaugh / Stephen Nguyen:

Currently based in Bethel ME, Wade Kavanaugh (born Portland, ME) and Stephen B. Nguyen (born Little Falls, MN) have collaborated since 2005 and have used paper as their primary medium.  Their large-scale paper sculptures and installations have been exhibited worldwide and have garnered numerous awards.

Their works range from large sculptural objects to warehouse-sized immersive environments that suggest layers of earth, old growth forests, the flow of a glacier or the swell of the sea. The artists’ work is site-specific, often drawing from the natural and built environments where they are working. Their collaboration has served as a platform for the exploration of the landscapes that surround them and as a means for questioning their individual perceptions.

The foundation of our collaborative art practice is the act of shared seeing. We find common ground by actively investigating our own visual reference points, memories and assumptions. Whenever we make a new work, we also try to activate the common visual vocabulary of the local community. We have been collaborating for the past fifteen years and have made dozens of site-specific sculptural installations together. Our collaboration has given us a platform to examine the foundations of our individual experience and question our memory, perception and imagination.                                                                                                                      More at www.stripedcanary.com 

Dance by  Jo Blake:

Music by Carey Campbell:

Poetry by Rees Sweeten: