OWCAP at PLATFORMS – Education + Innovation

Coinciding with the Spike 150 Celebration, Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership utilized the ingenuity and creativity of educators to inspire help from the community – putting together these panels at #O1PLATFORMS that showcase how its mission is similar to Ogden’s railroad history in its inspiration for development and growth. This multimedia project is full of color and multiculturism with an air of whimsy to represent the young children of Weber County.

O1ARTS gratefully acknowledges the generous support of Utah Division of Arts & Museums, Hostler’s Model Railroad Club, and Weber County RAMP in making this community-focused exhibition possible. Thank You.


PLATFORMS has transformed a formerly vacant, disused lot at 25th and Adams, and turned it into a vibrant, community-oriented performance and exhibition venue!

We’re programming sculpture, dance, photography, video, musical and literary performances on custom-built, 13′ x 13′ decks designed to offer a unique PLATFORM for local artists to mount their project.

Stanchions and chainlink panels provided by Weber County RAMP now allow us to mount exhibitions of 2D and installations/weaving.

Here’s what the community has to say:

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