O1|WALLS  2019 

CALL FOR PROPOSALS for murals for East wall of The Monarch parking lot….


O1|WALLS  (an initiative of O1ARTS) has been asked to assist in the commissioning of new murals in Ogden’s 9Rails Creative District.  The site is the East-facing wall of the upper parking lot for The Monarch at 455 25th St.

Qualifying submissions (see details below) will be exhibited at O1|PLATFORMS for the March and April Gallery Strolls, allowing public voting, with the 3 most popular artists/teams selected and commissioned to execute one mural section each.


Three artists/teams will be commissioned to paint an original mural in one of three (3) sections of approximately 32’w x 5’h each on the East-facing exterior wall of the upper parking lot at The Monarch: 455 25th Street, Ogden UT.

The property owner and O1ARTS will combine to provide (3) honoraria of $500 and materials reimbursement up to $300 to each artist or team of artists.

NOTE: Honoraria awards may be used only for costs related to the mural project, including artist’s fees and related expense for design, supplies, insurance, transportation and installation. Receipts will be required for reimbursement of materials. Any cost overruns, or fees incurred for assistance from contractors, or any other outside parties shall be the responsibility of the applicant.

Artist(s) will create site-specific work that:

  • Reflects the diversity and character of Utah, Ogden City, The Monarch, the East Central Neighborhood and/or the 9Rails Creative District.
  • Adds to the vibrancy and sense of place to the neighborhood
  • Is not deemed as an advertisement. All mural proposals containing any signage, advertising, or branding will be disqualified. Designs should not include logos, and must not infringe on any copyrights or trademarks or include any political or promotional messaging.
  • Is not vulgar or obscene or will be considered inappropriate or indecent by community standards.


Artist Eligibility

Call is open to all artists over the age of 18, both professional or student. Artist teams are acceptable. Artists who have experience creating works of art for local businesses are encouraged to apply.

Artists, designers, studios, and teams may submit multiple concepts for this project, and artists from any location are encouraged to apply. However, preference will be given first to local and then to regional or Utah artists. Submissions from artists based in Ogden will receive a 10% bonus on their score.

Applicant must commit to maintaining the mural (as needed, paid) for two years.

The pre-selection committee will judge proposals on the following criteria:

  • Originality, artistic excellence, quality of skills and techniques and the ability to communicate a unique vision.
  • Concept’s capacity to capture the spirit of the host site and neighborhood
  • Concept’s appropriateness for a public setting
  • Artist’s proven capacity for timely completion of the project

Submitted designs will be vetted by O1ARTS for compliance with requirements.

Approved submissions will then be submitted for review and approval by property owner(s) and/or his designees. A maximum of 8 such designs will then proceed to public voting.

Up to eight (8) highest-scored designs for both areas will be publicly displayed at O1|PLATFORMS during the month of March, and community members will vote to select 3 final designs.  Those artists/teams selected for public voting will receive a $100 honorarium.

The schedule follows:

1/30/19 at 5:30PM: Site Walkthrough and Q&A (455 25th Street)

2/17/19 Deadline for Proposal materials and application to be submitted

2/20/19 Top 8 designs selected for public display

3/1/19 – 4/6/19  Public voting

4/13/19 Winning design selected and artist notified

4/14 – 5/1/19  Creation / execution of approved mural

Artist must be available to begin this project on April 15, to complete the project on May 1 of 2019 (weather permitting), and will agree to work with The Monarch and/or O1ARTS on events that highlight and celebrate the creation of the public art piece. The selected & commissioned artwork and its likeness will become the property of the The Monarch, which reserves the right to use the image for promotional and retail purposes.

Artists must agree to participate in, share and invite their community to the dedication celebration on May 11, 2019.

Artists (or a member of each artist group) are required to be on site working during the final celebration on May 11, 2019. Exceptions may be considered but must be requested by the artist at the time of application.


A vector PDF template can be found HERE.  Printed copies of the template will be available in the lobby of 2444 Washington Blvd, 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday until 2/15.

Submissions may be digital or hard copy, but MUST utilize the template provided. NOTE: Given dimensions are *approximate*. Actual dimensions for each section will vary from this template, so please design accordingly, with sufficient “bleed” area.  O1ARTS will host interested artists at 5:30pm on Wednesday, January 30 for site inspection, project walkthrough and Q&A.

Submission materials will not be returned unless the artist makes arrangements and covers

costs for doing so.  Artists will be required to submit the following:

Completed Application for Proposal

NOTE: Applications must be submitted in the recommended format so they may be evaluated in an objective manner by the selection committee. Entries that do not meet submission requirements will not be considered. Submissions may be sent by mail or emailed.

Hard Copies:

  1. 11” x 17 size paper for design. We will make some available at 2444 Washington.
  2. Ten (10) page maximum
  3. Submit two (2) hard copies, which will not be returned.
  4. Adequate font size and graphic resolution to be read at this size.

Digital Copies:

  1. Ten (10) page maximum
  2. Please submit digital files compiled into one PDF.
  3. Adequate font size and graphic resolution to be read at this size.
  4. If you submit digitally and are selected for the public-voting portion of this call, you must make your proposal available in a scalable vector format for large-format printing.


Cover Page with your:  Name /  Mailing Address / Phone Number  / Email Address

Bio and/or Resume

Artist’s statement regarding concept (500 word max)

Concept/design utilizing provided grid layout- see PDF labeled “Attachment – A”

Budget and timeline for the completed work.

3-5 images of previous work that demonstrates the artist’s ability to create mural art on exterior walls

Applications should reflect the artist’s experience and aptitude for mural work. While previous mural work is not required, artists with previous mural work are encouraged to apply.


RFP materials must be received by 4:00 pm February 17, 2019, in either hard copy or emailed form. The deadline is the same for all methods and is not a postmark deadline. All submissions postmarked, received electronically on or before Sunday, February 17, 2019 at 4:00 PM will be reviewed. Any submission, in any format, received after that time will not be reviewed. Please do not include supplemental materials beyond the requirements listed below.

All supporting material must be included. Incomplete or late proposals will not be accepted. Proposals will NOT be accepted by Fax. O1ARTS is not liable for lost or damaged materials. Submission materials will not be returned unless the artist makes arrangements and covers costs for doing so.

Please deliver RFP proposal materials to:


Monarch Lot Mural Proposal

2444 Washington Blvd.

Ogden, UT 84401

Or email to connect@ogdenfirst.org

Please contact our office with any questions or concerns:

Scott Patria  810-810-2898 or email: connect@ogdenfirst.org


1). O1ARTS and/or The Monarch and its partners may accept or reject any or all proposals, under any circumstances, for any reason, without explanation.

2). This RFP shall not obligate O1ARTS and/or The Monarch in any manner and shall not impose any liability upon O1ARTS, The Monarch, and/or its partners. O1ARTS, The Monarch, and/or its partners shall at no time be liable to artist, or any other party, for costs incurred by artist.

3). Vendor (artist) must read and be thoroughly familiar with the terms, conditions and specifications of this RFP. Failure to do so shall not relieve artist from any of its obligations.

4). O1ARTS may postpone the date and time announced for submission of proposals at any time prior to the submission date by giving written notice to potential artists.

5). Interest in Contract. No officer, employee or agent of O1ARTS who exercises any functions or responsibilities in connection with the review, approval or administration of this contract shall have any personal interest, direct or indirect, in this contract.



Ogden First’s WALLS project is designed to unite artists and neighborhoods through a collaborative process, to create art that transforms public spaces and individual lives.  It strives to be community revitalizer and placemaker, with a diverse representation of local, national, and international artists – encompassing everything from old school graffiti to the latest techniques and technologies.

Importantly, our process empowers artists; we provide creative humans with the training and tools to seize their own future.  We provide resources and opportunity. They create places for reflection and celebration.

This project will make Ogden neighborhoods more attractive, instill a sense of pride, provide employment for local artists in their own field, combat graffiti in neighborhoods, and engage young people in the beautification of their own communities.

A Utility Box Project, is envisioned as a second phase and extension of O1 | WALLS.  The Utility Box Project is designed to enhance neighborhoods by adding works of art by local artists and students to public infrastructure that is often targeted by vandalism. The wrapped boxes are intended to enhance neighborhood and community identity, turn ordinary spaces into community landmarks, and promote community dialogue.

In this program, Ogden artists are selected through a competitive process to create an artwork design that is reproduced as a vinyl wrap and applied to signal & utility boxes throughout the city.

Interested in applying as an artist?  Have a building you’d like to commission a mural for?
Potential Partner / Funder?
Contact us at connect@ogdenfirst.org

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