Calligraffiti : Words from the Street

O1ARTS is pleased to present a unique multi-disciplinary arts experience, CALLIGRAFFITI, to be mounted at #O1PLATFORMS, for July and August:

The Calligraffiti project attempts to leverage the written word through writing that has been aesthetically altered – potentially (presumably) adding layers beyond the words’ literal meaning.

We have provided poetry written by Ogden poets, about life in Ogden, to street artists Josh Pohlman and Jeremy Little, who will transcribe excerpts in their own “hand” or letterstyle(s) onto large panels for display at our PLATFORMS art site.

The chosen poets’ works will also be compiled in a book about/of Ogden poetry to be published this fall.  We will facilitate discussions between three community segments: area residents, poets, and visual artists on multiple occasions.

Calligraffiti is an art form that combines calligraphy, typography, and graffiti. It can be classified as both abstract expressionism and abstract vandalism.

Calligraffiti can be defined as a visual art that attempts to communicate a larger message through writing that has been aesthetically altered in the effort of moving beyond the literal meaning. Simply put, it is the conscious effort of making a word or group of words into a visual composition. As such it is meant to be both an aesthetic experience and provocative art—mixing tradition and precision with modern unbridled self-expression. – Wikipedia

From Lead artist Josh Pohlman:

My objective for the project at PLATFORMS is to cultivate the ingenuitive DIY style of various graffiti writers from the Ogden area to delve into an immersive new style dubbed “calligraffiti”, which blurs the lines between elegant flowing complex letter structures of calligraphy and the playful bubbly lettering of graffiti using a broad array of different mediums from pen and ink to decoupage and aerosol paint.

I’d like to present the viewers with a series of pieces that challenge their views of what has been a somewhat taboo art culture: graffiti.

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This event is made possible through a grant from Utah Humanities and generous support from the following organizations:








PLATFORMS has transformed a formerly vacant, disused lot at 25th and Adams, and turned it into a vibrant, community-oriented performance and exhibition venue!

We’re programming sculpture, dance, photography, video, musical and literary performances on custom-built, 13′ x 13′ decks designed to offer a unique PLATFORM for local artists to mount their project.

Stanchions and chainlink panels provided by Weber County RAMP now allow us to mount exhibitions of 2D and installations/weaving.

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