#ARTicipate Ogden! Vote for your favorite new mural design!

O1|WALLS mural program is bringing together the diversity and character of Ogden City, The Monarch, the East Central Neighborhood and the 9Rails Creative District through murals that will display the work and creativity of three local artists. This mural will be a work of art but with a unique twist featuring the members of the community.

These nine artists/teams’ submissions will be on display at O1|PLATFORMS during the month of March, where the community is invited to view the art work and vote for their favorites to be featured on a 97-ft wall located on the east-facing wall of The Monarch (455 25th Street) in downtown Ogden, and divided into 3 sections. The selection for murals will portray voices being heard across the city –  #beheard with your votes!

In-person voting for Ogden / Weber County residents will take place on Friday, March 1st and Friday April 5 at O1|PLATFORMS, during Ogden’s First Friday Art Stroll, from 6-8pm.

The top mural submissions will be on display for the public to view and cast their vote. If you can’t make it in person, online voting will be available below after March 5 at: https://ogdenfirst.typeform.com/to/OIsHFd

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READ MORE about each of the submissions:

Entry A  (Title: Electric West)

My vision for this project is something I have been wanting to bring to life for awhile. This work exemplifies my love of Utah’s landscape and wildlife. Through my work, I hope to bring a greater appreciation of the beauty and wildness Utah has to offer. In turn, I hope that more of the population will try to protect our land and animals. I use flowing lines and colors to depict the connectedness we should feel with the natural world we live in.

Entry B  (Title: River )

Just as a river first carves the landscape and then provides for a town, the people of that town create and provide to the community. We want to create a mural that represents the people of Ogden, done by the people of Ogden. We plan to distribute fish templates throughout local businesses, First Friday Art Strolls, and person-to-person, in order to get a variety of people.

The templates will have the following instructions: Please decorate and color this fish in a way that represents you. (Examples of each fish shape in the image provided.) We will then interpret each drawing through paint onto the mural in the pattern presented.

Entry C  (Title: Hodgepodge)

Hodgepodge: A City in the (RE)Making

“Hodgepodge”, to me, is a collection of random things, a feeling of empowerment, and vibrancy. Every one of those things pertains to Ogden. The city has been lost for a very long time and it is struggling to find its niche in the world. While the people of Ogden are raising the city from the ashes, it’s become a hodgepodge and eclectic city and I can’t wait to see where we can take the art community in this great city.

Entry D  (Title: Irises)

One of the things I like best about Ogden City is the botanical gardens. Ogden boasts one of the best iris gardens in the state (dare I say the country) and I wanted to highlight how lovely these flowers were.  They also come in a wide variety of colors that I felt reflected the diversity of people and cultures that we have. I chose bright bold colors against a black background to compliment the Monarch in Moda mural.

Entry E  (Title: Bees)

Bees are an incredibly important part of our world. They do so much to help us thrive and without bees it is likely mankind will die out shortly after bees become extinct due to lack of pollination. Ogden has long been recognized by the National Arbor Association for the amount of trees and plant life Ogden has. Bees are a huge supporter of our green life and in turn I am a big supporter of theirs. This mural would be a tribute to their importance.

Entry F (Title: Roots) 

As I reflected on the community and the family I am a part of in Ogden, I envision it much like a deeply rooted tree. It has taken effort and patience. It has demanded partnerships with unexpected souls and joining hands with diverse peoples and experiences. Community is tied together through the undertaking of unity.

This piece, entitled, Roots, shows a tree created with many hands and deeply rooted in harsh ground. It is tied together with the symbol of a Celtic Knot of Unity, while two hands reach out to one another. This image is my visual representation of community and the growth of family.

Entry G (Title:  Synchronicity)

My concept draws upon my own practice and understanding of what it is to grow as a young adult in Ogden. My art practice, and development as both an artist and person, has been heavily influenced and inspired by Ogden’s landscape, activities, and community. Using the Sego Lily, Mountains, Bee, honeycomb pattern, and rail ties,I hope to relate back to both Ogden and Utah as a whole, while staying true to my own visual understanding. The rail ties lend themselves to the likeness of DNA strands flowing in, out, and around the surrounding forms and patterns, the idea being the influence of Ogden being ingrained into the DNA of everyone from and influenced by the city.

Entry H (Title: Grow Where You Are”)

The concept I have for The Monarch Lot Proposal is based on three sentences: Look inside yourself, Love is a place, & Grow where you are. I wanted to incorporate all three concepts together. I believe when a person looks inside themself they can find the light, love, and strength to grow into better versions of themselves, ultimately empowering themself for more success in every category of life. I used starbursts, hearts and leaves to show these ideas. I wanted to meld these concepts together because one feeds right into the other.

Entry I (Title: Honey Bee)

To embody the beauty of Ogden and the Monarch building and mural, I created a design that utilizes the natural beauty of the Ogden mountains, with a honey bee in close view. The Utah honey bee relates in particular to the hard-working city of Ogden. For the darkest areas of the mountains, I will make stamps of the large honey bee, to draw the viewer into the details. The large honey bee and the honey bee stamps represent the connection between the small parts and the whole, symbolizing the power of the individual and the community working together.

The #ARTicipate Project is generously supported in part by a grant from Utah Division of Arts and Museums – we gratefully acknowledge their support:
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