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We want you to be part of the excitement!  We need volunteers to: help with our exhibitions, build and grow our social media profiles, and fundraise.

We need artists to submit their ideas for programming, or to sign up for the programs already in planning. And we need everybody to come out to our exhibits and projects, spread the word, and maybe even make some art!

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    Linda Kelly says:

    Active in community events both non profit charitable, and business promotion as well as Newcomers group and Threshold Choir.

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    Kandel Mueller says:

    Id like to volunteer

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      ogdenfirst says:

      Hello Kandel … Thank you! Drop us a line at and let’s chat!

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    Amanda says:

    I would love to help with fundraising

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    Caril Jennings says:

    I am organizing a reading of The Mueller Report (short 70 version: The Investigation). Local actors will be participating. That lines up with Freedom of Expression. We want to do it in August, as soon as possible.

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    Robbin Daffin says:

    I would like to volunteer. I recently moved back to the Ogden area and was lucky enough to be a guest at the fundraising dinner at The Monarch, and amazing art unveil last Thursday.
    I believe in the work you are doing and your vision for Ogden.
    Thank you!

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    Janeal Johnson says:

    Hello, I am interested in finding a venue for an Installation art piece and would like to meet with anyone interested in hosting. This is a newer genre of tactile artwork and patrons are actually encouraged to touch the artwork and experience it. It also enables a sector of our community who never gets to participate in experiencing the art world to be very much a part of it. The blind and low vision members of our community. This is a collaboration piece and we want to educate, excite and encourage our community to get behind this exciting new movement.

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