6/23/2019 – Indie Ogden Article: Get to Know O1ARTS


Hello Friends, if you haven’t yet noticed, Indie Ogden has changed hands, and is making waves.  Earlier this month, they launched a new, monthly, glossy mag spotlighting all-Ogden goodness .. and we were fortunate to have the following article included.  Get out and grab a copy today!


Get to know… O1ARTS

Many of you have seen the results of O1ARTS’ programs in the new Nine Rails Creative District, without knowing who we are or why we do what we do. We’d like to take a moment to get you acquainted.

Formed in 2012, O1ARTS is an independent non-profit Arts & Humanities organization with a social mission, focusing on community engagement and participation, and helping advance the careers of promising local artists, through paid exhibition and curatorial opportunities combined with professional development workshops and presentations.

We’re out to change the world thru the power of Art .. starting with Ogden, first. (That’s where the O1 comes from).

For two years, O1ARTS has been transforming disused spaces – vacant lots, vacant storefronts, blighted walls – into community-engagement experiences.

You probably know about O1|PLATFORMS, our outdoor gallery-without-walls at the corner of 25th St. and Adams Ave. PLATFORMS is intended to not only serve the local artist community, but to involve the area residents as both passive and active participants. Each presentation at PLATFORMS is free to the public to enjoy, and for most presentations, we invite the public to #ARTicipate.

And, that big beautiful mural of monarch butterflies?  That was us, too. That was the first project for our O1|WALLS initiative, which is designed to unite artists and neighborhoods through a collaborative process, and to create art that transforms public spaces and individual lives. In fact, we’ve completed three NEW murals this year, on the E-facing wall at The Monarch parking deck, with at least one more scheduled for later this year.

WHY are we doing all this?  Because we saw there’s a ton of talent in this town, but the opportunities didn’t match up. We also saw a way to involve everyone in the arts – whether they think they’re artists or not, everyone has something to say.  That’s a big reason behind our #ARTicipate campaign this year … we want every resident who can, and wants to, to participate in our programs.

We’re also about more than just “pretty”. You may have seen us use #ArtsWithPurpose … We’re working to address social and environmental issues with our programming. That monarch mural is part of a nationwide project calling attention to the dramatic decline in pollinator numbers. Our entire 2019 season at PLATFORMS looks at immigration, basic human rights, and the environment.

Later this year, we will expand on our community-focused programming by opening a new, 4000+ Sq. Ft. flexible venue called XIBIT in The Monarch.

XIBIT will be a flexible space, able to mount exhibitions and host performances other venues simply cannot… including a room equipped for and programmed with immersive digital, AR/VR, and sound art.  

In addition to visual arts, we will enable performing arts such as music, dance, performance art, literary readings and salons. Residents, visitors, cultural tourists, and especially students, will be exposed to, and, as at PLATFORMS, participate in art in all its forms.

We have lots of ways you can #ARTicipate: our current exhibit at PLATFORMS, JP Orquiz’s “A Stack of Forms” invites the entire community to contribute a momento from their family – something that shows where their ancestors immigrated from… and we always need volunteers, donors, advisory committee members, advocates and, soon, additional staff.  Visit us at www.ogdenfirst.org or write us at connect@ogdenfirst.org and let us know how YOU want to be involved.