4/4/2019 Newsletter

Community + Social Topics = #ArtsWithPurpose

Happy Spring, friends.
For many, including us, Spring means renewal, new projects… and a fresh coat of paint. In this case, we’re talking about #murals, again in partnership with The Monarch and YOUR chances to be a part:

We’re winding down Phase 1 of our #ARTicipate mural project this weekend… if you haven’t voted yet, do so HERE: (https://ogdenfirst.typeform.com/to/OIsHFd) online or come see us at #O1PLATFORMS on Friday from 530-730pm and vote in person!

We’re getting ready to start Phase 2 – the actual painting of the winning murals – and since some of you have asked about volunteer / service opportunities, here’s your chance to help!

We thought it might be fun to have a quick community paint party to help prime the wall on Saturday April 13th… it should go quickly, if we have 5-10 people… you can SIGN UP HERE (https://signup.com/go/cceVybc). Looking forward to seeing you there!

Speaking of Volunteers, we’re grateful to Ogden Downtown Alliance for including us in the HUGE Spike 150 / Heritage Festival on 25th street May 9-11, If you love street fairs, and would like to help us staff our booth – we would L. O. V. E. to hear from you! For details and to sign up: https://signup.com/go/yvawzeL

We’ve mentioned #ArtWithPurpose a few times in the past, and our whole #O1PLATFORMS season is dedicated to it. In May, as a tie-in with Spike 150, we’re working with Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership on a special exhibition of work by their Head Start kids and parents. We’ll be teasing the actual project in coming days, but here’s what they have to say about it: “OWCAP is utilizing the ingenuity and creativity of educators to inspire help from the community to put together panels that showcase how its mission is similar to how Ogden’s railroad history in its inspiration for development and growth. This multimedia project will be full of color and multiculturalism with an air of whimsy to represent the young children of Weber County. ” Mark your calendar for Friday May 3 to come check out this special exhibition.

Then, going forward, we’ll be hosting exhibitions featuring art that addresses topics like #immigration#freedom, and the environment. We’ll have opportunities for you to #ARTicipate in ALL of those projects, because PLATFORMS is all about, for, and by the Ogden #community.

If you’re not already signed up to our newsletter list, that’s the best way to be SURE you get first notice of things like this, as well as a HUGE announcement later this summer. (Hint… MORE art, in one place, than downtown has ever seen): http://eepurl.com/cuShHb