O1|PLATFORMS: Art by, for, of the People …. Let’s hear from you!

In my last article, I mentioned we were looking for ideas for 2019 programming at #O1PLATFORMS.

We created O1|PLATFORMS in 2016 for the express purpose of giving local artists a unique venue to exhibit their work. A venue that is seen by some 400,000 people per year. We hoped it would be a laboratory of sorts – a place for artists and performers to try something new… work out a new concept… work larger than possible in a studio… make a statement.

Much as the #monarchinmoda mural is #artwithpurpose – calling attention to the population decline of a key pollinator, we want PLATFORMS to serve as, well, a platform for expression of YOUR ideas!


For 2019, we are specifically interested in proposals which might otherwise be excluded from mainstream opportunities due to age, race, gender, or social philosophy. We know that artists and the universal language of ART are able to reach across both physical borders and the boundaries of our imagination, and in doing so are often able to peaceably transform society’s ideas about social and civil justice issues.

We’re looking to fill seven 2-month exhibit slots, running from March through to November. We’re flexible, but generally like to open the shows on a First Friday. We strongly encourage exhibition ideas that deal with identity, gender, immigration, the environment, etc… what do YOU want to say?

Can’t figure out how to make your concept work in an outdoor setting? Talk to us – we’ve got some experience now, and can likely help… both with ideas/strategies, and with funding! Through the generosity of our donors and grantors, O1ARTS offers honoraria to participating artists/collectives, as well as some materials budget for each show.

In fact, grant season is coming up fast… so if you’ve got a great idea, NOW is the time to talk to us, so we can incorporate that in our applications. Drop us a line by November 10 at connect@ogdenfirst.org and let’s talk about how to make art BY, FOR, and OF the People.