9/6 Featured Creative: Jane Kim

We’re so excited to feature our very own #O1WALLS mural artist for this month’s Featured Creative column.

Jane Kim attributes her start to her love of nature and her curation of it. She says, “As a little girl. I was completely obsessed with bears. I collected over 300 bears. I drew them all over my bedroom walls and even made my own teddy bears. This obsession lasted for five or six years. The next was followed by lilies. Then horses, dogs, cats, fish, etc. With each love of nature came a creative expression. Sometimes I sculpted the subject. Sometimes I painted it. Sometimes I drew it. From a very early age, I made art about things that I love and since an early age, I loved the natural world. I now have a studio called Ink Dwell that creates art focused on art, wonder and the natural world.”

She continues to credit nature as her muse, as it gives her a sense of awe and wonder. She says, “It is when I learn something new about nature that I am able to form the deepest connection to it. It is this moment I hope to capture in my work.”

She describes her art as a monument to understanding and loving the natural world. Many of her works are large-scale, site specific public art that highlights an aspect of the surrounding ecosystem. For example, the #MigratingMural is an ongoing Ink Dwell project. It is a series of art installations created along migration corridors of wildlife it shares with people. Her current Migrating Mural celebrates the monarch butterfly which migrates through nearly all of the lower 48 states.

She often chooses a medium that best supports the concept. Ink Dwell created murals for an exhibit at the National Aquarium called Living Seashore. This exhibited focused on a tactile experience. As such, she created the murals from hand cut and collaged paper to create texture on the walls.

As for the Ogden community, she sees it as exciting! She loves the growth and energy of the new Nine Rails Creative District. She gushes, “Keep it going! It is wonderful to see that Ogden brings artists from all over to share their work, but that it is creating a place that supports their local artists and communities, too.”

Her plan for the Monarch Migrating Mural is to place installations along as much of the butterfly’s eastern and western migration route as possible with a specific emphasis on international sites. Utah is an important state for the western populations of #monarchs migrating from the Pacific coast to Canada. “It was a perfect venue to tell our story of art and nature,” she notes. Kim continues, “I am so grateful to #O1ARTS as the project’s fiscal sponsor. Collaboration is the only way projects like this are realized and so many groups are able to come together through O1ARTS. I also look forward to O1ARTS connecting this project with Ogden through community engagement.”


Her new mural at The Monarch is going up now in the parking lot just E of 455 25th St.  We’re having a Dedication Celebration on Saturday, September 22 at 1pm.  We invite you to join us, hear from others involved in bringing the #migratingmural project to Ogden, and chat / have a photo taken with the artist.

And more work at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, 700 N 12th St, Wausau, Wisconsin from November 9-19

Follow Jane on Social media @inkdwell and www.inkedwell.com