8/16 Newsletter Column: O1|WALLS launches !

At O1ARTS, we are committed to the promotion of art in all its forms, woven into the daily life of our community: #arteverywhere.

We’ve already talked a bit about our first initiative, O1|PLATFORMS, launched in 2016, and we’ll talk more about our second, O1|PANES, which launched in 2017 in a future newsletter.

But today, we’ve got some BIG NEWS.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our third initiative, O1|WALLS, a program of supported, sanctioned murals and Street Art right here in Ogden.  We’re big believers in the power of murals to enliven and engage a community, provide a unique window into the community’s culture, and to act as an economic driver for local artists, residents and businesses alike.

But we also believe the best art conveys message and meaning.  Which is why, for our first O1|WALLS project, we’ve partnered with The Monarch and artist Jane Kim, founder of Ink Dwell studio, to commission a Migrating Muralcelebrating the remarkable story of this beautiful insect while calling attention to the dramatic decline in the monarch butterfly population, which has fallen by more than 80% in the last 20 years.

Jane’s Migrating Mural project is national in scope and will put Ogden on the same ‘map” as Winter Park and Orlando FL, Springdale, Arkansas, San Francisco, California and other locations from Mexico to Canada, along the monarch’s migratory paths. The butterflies routinely seen in the spring and summer months around Ogden are part of the western population of monarchs that spend their winters in California. It’s a natural fit, as The Monarch is shaping up to be the central hub of the Nine Rails Creative District, and house various creative industries… that’s the #artinallforms part of our mission.

This is a big project.  Jane and her crew will be onsite starting on  August 21, and will spend four weeks creating “our” mural.  But much like Shamwow – WAIT there’s MORE – Weber State has *also* commissioned a mural, inside the Kimball Arts Building, which will begin in October. Earlier this year the Ogden Nature Center commissioned Jane to design a series of banners for its 12th St frontage, which depict the monarch butterfly’s entire life cycle.

We’re working with these and other various partners to create a month’s worth of programming, events, and activities around this project… if you’re not already, you should SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter (http://eepurl.com/cuShHb) and LIKE our Facebook Page (facebook.com/ogdenfirst.org) for updates and exclusive invitations. We’re @ogdenfirst on Twitter and Instagram, too, if you just can’t get enough.