8/16 Featured Creative: Austin Jamieson!

Austin Jamieson was greatly influenced by art as he was coming into adulthood. Always being shy, he has used art as a means of communicating and interacting with the outside world. His first formal show was in July of 2017 and featured works from multiple artists and friends. In addition to being his first formal show, Austin spearheaded the show and also assumed the role as project manager and curator without experience, a budget, or guest list. The largest piece spanned an entire wall 40’ in length and was the crowning centerpiece. The show was an example of what young driven artists can accomplish when willing to make a commitment to a goal.

He is inspired by artists who harness their uniqueness; ones who can truly ascend into a greater dimension. He says, “For example, using art from a political standpoint, can be very powerful, it can shift reality. Art can also be the natural beauty of a mountain, or a beautiful woman. I am constantly reminded that art is a journey.” He is inspired by artists who go against the grain; failing artists who take the risks necessary to push and to discover. Because his favorite artists have passed, he thinks about creating art for those who have yet to exist.

He is often jealous of artists who have a method or a routine. He says, “Art is usually a very painful process because it takes such intense amounts of focus, which for me can be very difficult because my attention is always wandering. When I create art It is a long meditation process, it starts with a clear mind, concise, being very quiet and very patient, then l suddenly have a surge of creative energy. These visions are a message which I must relay, aimed at humanity, including myself, as I unveil truth through art.” He likes to try new mediums and forms of art but according to him, they always fail, so he tries a new one, and again, it fails. He continues on like this until one fails less and presents itself an opportunity to come back to, though he rarely does. Sometimes he makes art just for himself, to gain insight about his inner self. He likes to share his art with others because, “there’s nothing like it, when I see a stranger look at my art, it is the biggest rush I’ve ever felt.”

Austin says, “Utah is a sacred place and what we make here is very special. It has impacted me greatly and ultimately it has been a such valuable resource for me to realize my artistry.”

Ogden is very unique because it is a small community populated with so many talented artists who all know each other. The lack of diversity inspires an “us against the world” mentality in the artist community. He would love to see even more artists surfacing, and more positive reinforcement between artists. He wants to see the competitiveness between artists end. Coming together is the key to becoming successful.

Austin plans to get a degree and become a professional artist. He laments, “Business is something that I always dread and I feel like is the most uninteresting part of art. People don’t want art, they want products, something tangible. That leads me to consider doing more ‘business art’ ventures. But, first and foremost I create to survive and to communicate, to exhibit, to learn and to grow.”

Current Shows:
#O1PANES, located at 2444 Washington Blvd. Featuring projects titled: The Lights are on, but Nobody’s Home and Straight to Hell, now on view.
Snowfall, a Bobcat Joe Film, is a movie a he co-directed in the spring, and should be premiered sometime this summer.
Follow Austin on Instagram for more details on his film premiere, and other future shows, @0007zy.