July 6, 2018 Newsletter Column: PLATFORMS

Welcome to the July 6 installment of the O1ARTS Newsletter. For those of you kind of new to O1ARTS, I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to the first of our 4 main programs, PLATFORMS. PLATFORMS has transformed a vacant, disused lot at 25th and Adams into a vibrant, community-centric site for visual and performing arts. Since launching in September 2016, we’ve provided artistic and economic opportunities for more than 75 artists, dancers, poets and musicians through our seasonal programming.

We’ve also documented hundreds of public interactions with the works performed or displayed. PLATFORMS has been so successful in positively impacting the neighborhood, the city’s new Nine Rails Creative District is both inspired by it, and roughly centered on it!

Until recently, the programming we’ve done so far has mostly been *our* concepts. The “Before I die..” project, installed in May, was an idea a community member brought to us, but couldn’t carry out.

Community hopes and dreams… and some humor … we hope.

The work on view now, the Exquisite Vine Tapestry Project, is the brainchild of Michelle Montrose Larsen, head of the Pando Art Collective in Ogden. I asked her to tell us a little about the project, and here’s what she had to say:

“What happens when you give 30 artists 150 feet of continuous burlap, 10,000 yards of yarn and 48 hours? This June at Platforms, Pando Art Collective challenged artists with the task of creating a collaborative outdoor fabric installation entitled The Exquisite Vine Tapestry using these materials in the given time frame. Artists were each given a section of the burlap to work on and a set of parameters: it must be a continuous vine that connects to the artists next to you, it must include fiber, and it must be completed within the 48 hour time frame. The idea behind the project was to bring many different types of artists, businesses, and organizations together to complete a daunting task. The project did just that. It was sponsored by O1ARTS, Weber County Creative Alliance, and Savers. Over 35 artists participated, working as individuals and in groups, and two local businesses, Local Artisan Collective and Shepherd’s Bush participated as well. Artists came out of their studios, equipped with scissors needles, and worked on-site in the June heat to complete the project, resulting in a beautiful, unique, locally-made, and upcycled work of art. It will remain on display at Platforms for First Friday in July and then will be removed to protect it from the elements. Keep an eye out for it as it travels around various locations throughout Ogden in the coming months!

Work begins on the “Exquisite vine Tapestry Project” at #O1PLATFORMS

The Exquisite Vine Tapestry is very much in line with the mission of Pando Art Collective which is “to provide challenging and novel opportunities for artists to learn and grow professionally, while supporting artists through collaboration, community, and paid opportunities. We strive to use our talents and skills to bring joy, excitement, and beauty to our community through visual art.” Pando was founded only last year but has already made an impact on the arts in Ogden. Some of Pando’s past projects included “What’s in the Box?” fundraiser where artists decorated boxes and only the person who purchased the box could open it and reveal what was inside, and a Cabinet of Curiosities where artists created and displayed haunted objects. Pando more recently recruited artists to design posters for Ogden’s Twilight concert series which are currently for sale in various local businesses (all proceeds go to the artist). Pando also hosts a studio night for artists every month and hopes to continue to up the ante for both artists and artisseurs in Ogden. Don’t miss out on future opportunities and unique happenings! Follow them on Facebook and Instagram under Pando Art Collective.”

As stated above, the Tapestry project will come down after the July 6 ribbon-cutting celebration for the new Painted Streets mural project and First Friday Art Stroll. We’re looking to hear from YOU about what you’d like to see at PLATFORMS next. It’s our mission to help you mount your drea show… whether through funding, mentoring, logistics… whatever kind of assistance we can offer. So drop us a line NOW. And remember, Think BIG