Scheduled to open in Winter 2020, XIBIT is a  unique, flexible space, an arts laborartory of sorts, to be programmed with local, national and international visual and performance art in all forms. This facility and programming will ensconce Ogden in the regional and wider art world.

XIBIT represents a significant expansion of O1ARTS' capabilities. For two years, we have been transforming temporary spaces - vacant lots, vacant storefronts, blighted walls - into engaging community spaces. XIBIT will be our future home, and THE creative-community hub for Ogden.

XIBIT will be configurable with up to four (4) separate exhibits, installations, and/or performances at any time, including one space dedicated to and equipped for immersive Digital / Sound / AR / VR artworks.

XIBIT will be dedicated to fostering an inclusive dialogue around local, national and global issues while advancing local arts education and providing local artists and students with professional growth opportunities.

XIBIT will take space in The Monarch, a fantastic renovation of the historic Ben Lomond Garage and will be the active epicenter and community hub of the new Nine Rails Creative District. Residents, visitors, cultural tourists, and especially students will be exposed to art in all its forms, by local and visiting artists, supplemented with educational programs, performances, films, and talks.

XIBIT furthers and strengthens O1ARTS’ aims to catalyze community involvement, connections, and unity in a wide range of artistic and cultural activities by:

  • Creating spaces for the community to meet, discuss and learn through the expressions of ART.
  • Using ART as a form of communication, breaking down social and cultural barriers.
  • Fostering the expression and sharing of one’s valued traditions, history, and culture.
  • Serving as the junction between Ogden and the inter/national arts community, enabling artists
    to expand their knowledge, professional practice, and reach.

Of all our initiatives, XIBIT will have the broadest impact on the wider community, especially schools, by presenting art and performance in new facility, allowing us to do things others just can’t.

We invite you to support this ambitious yet needed facility, and would be pleased to offer a private tour
of the space, still under construction.

Oh... have a great idea for an exhibition?
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Special thanks to the George S. and Dolores Doré Eccles Foundations for a generous donation to jump start this project.


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