Cori Swisher Anderson

Cori Anderson is a Utah native, having grown up Park City and eventually migrating to the Ogden Valley. The years that Cori spent earning two Bachelors degrees in Art History and French Language from  the University of Utah, was time well spent. If she learned anything, it was that existing in an art-rich environment makes a world of difference in one’s attitude, perspective and approach to life. She holds certifications in fundraising and proposal writing, which is the focus of most of her professional and volunteer work.

Cori spent the early days of her career fundraising for non-profits and did a short stint selling death to the dying at a hospice agency in the Salt Lake Area, before landing in her current role at R&O Construction. She spends her work days organizing people, ideas, pictures and words.  She spends her free time in the mountains with her husband, toddler and two loveable shelter dogs. Her life philosophy is that the time between worn in and worn out is where the magic happens, so make every day count. Her favorite artist works in all mediums and favors improvised performance art, with an emphasis in exploring emotional reactions to life situations. (She’s three and is the absolute joy of her parents’ life.)