11/15/18 Newsletter Article


Friends, we want to start this newsletter with a Thank You to our community, donors, sponsors and partners for all you’ve done to enable O1ARTS to do the work we do. No community is complete without access to the arts … the arts create opportunities for dialogue and understanding, inspire community interaction, and, research is increasingly showing – improves our health! Those of you who’ve contributed time, energy, and yes, dollars, not only to O1 but to all Ogden arts organizations are making a real difference!

For our new fans and followers: since 2016, we have:
created PLATFORMS, PANES, and WALLS, engaging over 10,000 local residents and visitors.
Exhibited the works of more than 150 artists, students and performers
Collaborated with Weber State, Ogden City Arts, Summit Institute, Ogden Nature Center and PANDO Art Collective
Returned nearly $150,000 into the local Arts Economy.

But to paraphrase Lt. Col. Frank Slade: “We’re just getting warmed up here!”

For 2019, we’ll continue #O1PLATFORMS programming, (see our Call For Proposals: https://www.facebook.com/ogdenfirst.org/posts/1089226327868905), expand our O1|WALLS initiative, and … drum roll please… we’re planning to open XIBIT, our 3000+ square foot gallery /flex-hibition space in The Monarch. XIBIT will be like nothing downtown Ogden has ever had, showing work by locals alongside inter/nationally-known artists.

None of this is possible without contributions large and small – from donors like you. For 2019-2020, we’ll need even more help. Fortunately, one of our donors has offered us a Match-Challenge. He’ll match every dollar we raise between now and the end of 2018, up to a max of $10,000!

#Tomorrow, November 27th is #GivingTuesday, a nation-wide day of giving to the institutions that make a difference in YOUR community. We like to think we’re one. So, while you can donate any day you’d like, we particularly encourage you to think about donating to #O1ARTS on Tuesday, November 27. We’ve even set up a special webpage: www.ogdenfirst.org/giving-tuesday

When you get there, consider making a recurring gift. Imagine, for the price of 1 cappuccino, latte, or kombucha each month, you could help us score up to an additional $10,000 to expand our programming. With the match challenge, that’s a full season at #O1PLATFORMS! Or a decent-sized O1WALLS #mural.

If you can’t give financially, perhaps you’ll share this post? Help spread the word? Either way, we are thankful for all our artists, our fans, our subscribers. We thank you for your support…for making a Ogden a brighter place every day.

Oh.. one last thing. Given the busy holiday season coming up, we’re only going to do one newsletter per month over the next few months. There are still a LOT of great arts events this winter, so make sure you click though and save to your calendar.