11/14/18 Featured Creative: Lindsay Huss

Friends, this week’s Featured Creative is Lindsay Huss.

Lindsay Huss has been creating for as long as she can remember. Her incredibly supportive family gave her paper and drawing utensils at a very early age. Her mother, being a talented artist and seamstress herself, passed that creativity on to her daughter. Lindsay took as many art classes as she possibly could and in high school, was even the Sterling Scholar in Visual Arts, progressing to the state competition. In college, she abandoned art for Psychology and Law, but after taking a painting class, she realized that her true passion was, and always will be, art. “Once I figured that out, there was no looking back,” Lindsay says. She pursued Fine Art and Secondary Education and is now a full-time high school art teacher and full-time artist.

As for her inspiration, Lindsay says, “I am so inspired by the #community of artists we have here in Ogden! There is so much talent here, along with so much support. We are incredibly lucky to live in a city that values the arts so highly and ensures we have programs to keep it alive. I also absolutely love our Ogden’s First Friday Art Stroll event. I was lucky enough to be the face for #FirstFridayArtStroll on the Visit Ogden website: https://www.visitogden.com/…/signat…/first-friday-art-stroll. It’s an event I believe is invaluable to the community. By giving visibility to all the arts, we have built a very strong network of artists and art enthusiasts.”

She continues, “The Ogden art community is constantly driving me to be more. Being surrounded by all of these incredible artists helps me strive to do better in my own work. I have been incredibly lucky to collaborate with Pandemonium Gifts & GalleryNurture the Creative MindFarmers Market OgdenOgden Arts Festival, and more. By getting involved with these community events and the individuals running them, I’ve been able to participate in more projects I wouldn’t necessarily have done on my own. Painting a piano live at the Arts Festival for NCM was a wonderful experience that helped shape the way I work.”

She also finds inspiration in the landscape of Ogden. Lindsay explains, “ Living in Ogden has had a huge impact on me as an artist. I am constantly inspired by the people and landscape around me. I am a mountain biker, hiker, and ultra runner so I spend an enormous amount of time on the trails. The mountains are my sanctuary. This is the time I use to clear my mind of all the everyday clutter and focus on the concepts I want to bring to life with my art. Much of my work focuses on the relationship between humans and nature. I subscribe to the belief that every living thing deserves respect, down to the smallest blade of grass and grain of sand. This emerges in my work constantly. Most of my pieces have some connection to Gaia, or Mother Earth.”

As for outside of Ogden, Lindsay is also an avid traveler who is obsessed with art history. “I travel to places with interesting architecture, incredible museums, and a strong arts presence. Every place I have been in the world inspires me. All of the different cultures and environments I have experienced have a profound effect on the way I create,” she gushes.

Lindsay loves her career as an art teacher and says that right now, she is primarily focused on commissions for individuals and would love to see this aspect grow, along with participating in more events. But, eventually, and ideally, she would like to devote all of her working time to creating. “Nothing sounds more wonderful than spending each day in my studio putting all of these ideas living in my head onto canvas,” she muses.

To see those ideas come to life, follow Lindsay on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/Lindsay-Huss-Art-246600052028033/, Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lindsayhussart/, and on her website at:https://spark.adobe.com/page/phR8Li14IIOq0/