9/20/2018 Newsletter Article – UPDATED 9/29

By now, through a couple articles and a slew of social media posts, (not to mention merely passing by The Monarch), we hope you’ve picked up on the fact that we’ve been very busy with a big new public art project in the Nine Rails Creative District (@ninerailsogden)… specifically, at our future home, @The Monarch.

Standard-Examiner did a big piece on Monday (https://www.standard.net/…/article_0c11c99c-8bc8-524a-a661-…) which stressed the national scale and international importance of this #migratingmural project, as well as the challenges facing monarch butterfly populations.

(Sadly, it failed to mention O1ARTS’ involvement in the project, and in particular our #O1WALLS initiative… but hey, we talked about that earlier.)

What you REALLY need to know is that we’re holding a Dedication Celebration (https://www.facebook.com/events/2039762572736608/) this Saturday, and we want you THERE! At 1pm, we’ll have a few short remarks from our partners who help make this, and all the related programming around this mural happen (more on that in a minute)… then the opportunity to mingle and chat with the artist and her team… and even better, you’ll have the opportunity to win giveaways and prizes just for doing what you do anyway – take a selfie with amazing art!



Saturday is also 2018 Harvest Moon Celebration! Head down there with the kiddos and get monarch face-painting at The Ogden Nature Center’s booth, and/or make a butterfly craft project at the Weber State Arts in the Parks booth!

But don’t think the fun is over after Saturday. Jane will be starting *another* mural up at Weber State, and we have lots of related programming surrounding this project.

On Friday October 5, come out for Art Stroll and check out our newest exhibition, “Kaleidoscope” at O1|PLATFORMS. More than 200 students and several local artists will all be installing their own monarch-related artwork.

Check here for details: https://www.facebook.com/events/567804313639814/

There’s even more! On the 12th, Jane will be giving a lecture at Weber State, as part of her Artist Residency. https://www.facebook.com/events/230249670985122/

On October 15, we’ll be hosting Jane’s business partner, Thayer Walker for an Art + Action presentation centered around how to think BIG about your art career: soliciting, planning and executing big projects like murals (even if they don’t span the continent, like #migratingmural does). https://www.facebook.com/events/725098914494828

All in all, you’ve got a world of monarch-related goodness over the next month.. Come on out and enjoy!